Our Venue's

Historic Downtown Orillia, Ontario, Canada serves as the backdrop for the music festival. Our headline shows will take place at the beautifully restored St. Pauls Centre at 62 Peter Street South. Late Night shows will be in Downtown Orillia's newest venue, The Geneva Event Centre, 16 West Street South.

More Music Throughout The Downtown

Roots music can refer to several styles or genres in music, but to us it’s music that is firmly rooted in a place of honest expression and emotion. It’s music that travels, shares, and connects, while honouring the past and bravely moving forward. It’s our mission to bring together a wide range of artists and people who share this vision for a weekend of great live music.

Roots Music

Thanks for supporting the festival. We'll see you next year!

Music, shopping and entertainment surround you as you explore Downtown Orillia during the Roots North Music Festival.

In addition to our ticketed main event performances, several businesses along Mississauga Street have teamed up to provide free live music shows within their shops and restaurants. Be sure to explore and join us. 

Performance venues include: Brewery Bay Food Co, Mark IV, Nourish Yoga Studio, Apple Annies, The Brownstone, Carousel Collectables, Alleycats Music & Art, Hog n' Penny, the Farmers Market, Harold and Ferne, and Gauduer's Cafe.

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