In addition to merchandise from a number of our Roots North performers, join us each night beginning at 6pm at the St Pauls Centre for the Roots North Art Market, curated in part by Harold & Ferne, The Local Goods Co. This is a free event, no admission ticket is required to come browse the various music and art inspired goods available for purchase. Help support the local music and arts scene in Orillia.

Olivia Neal
As the owner and curator of Harold + Ferne: The Local Goods Co. I couldn't let everyone else have all of the fun! I dabble in a lot of techniques and styles but I absolutely love experimenting with texture. You'll find handmade weavings and household goods by me as well as collaboration pieces with the lovely Eliza Harrigan under Harrigan & Neal.

Eliza Harrigan
Eliza is a design genius and I'm so excited for you to see all of her incredible creations. She grew up in Orillia + Washago and is currently completing an Industrial Design degree at the University of Alberta. In the midst of her crazy school schedule she captures beautiful moments with her camera and is working on launching an incredible jewelry line experimenting with unexpected materials such as 3D Printing and acrylic. Stop by the shop and pick up a unique piece of jewelry or a beautiful piece of photography to adorn your walls. Eliza is also the creative mind behind our incredible handlettered logo! 

Matthew Waring
Matthew is an Orillia native that has regularly ventured to the West Coast for the mountains but can't resist returning to this beautiful region. He has an expert eye for catching the beautiful and serene moments in the everyday chaos in his photography. At the shop you will find a rotating selection of his prints to adorn your walls. Matthew will be commissioning portrait sessions through the shop so get in touch. He's also the incredible talent that created our counter made of reclaimed barn board - be sure to stop by to admire his fine craftsmanship.

Samantha Vessios
Samantha is a freelance artist based in Orillia. Award winning and published, Samantha specializes in photography, and has a passion for nature & travel. She has a clean, minimalist style and strongly believes that less is more. In the shop you'll find her postcards, a comfort as she finds the familiar in the unfamiliar. They capture the calming beauty of our local area and make the perfect keepsake for the minimal wanderer or a beautiful touch of art for the homebody. 

Carley McCutcheon
Carley is the beautiful mind behind Drifter's Escape. She grew up on her parents' maple syrup farm in Oro Medonte and now captures beautiful landscapes on driftwood scavenged from the shores of Georgian Bay near her home in Waubaushene. Inspired by wind, water and sun, she uses oil paints to best create and preserve these vibrant colours and movements. Each piece is as unique as its canvas, worn and weathered by exposure to the natural elements. You won't be able to resist having one of these beautiful creations in your home or workspace.

Bob Ormerod
Bob cut his woodworking teeth at an early age in shop class with nothing but wooden planes, chisels, hand saws and a glue pot as his tools of trade. After-school detention if those dovetailed and mortise and tenon joints didn't measure up to scratch was no doubt instrumental in him perfecting those hand-tool skills.Over the years he's been continually reminded of the value of those skills. Power tools can only go so far, and finishing a project with a scraper and smoothing plane adds that finishing touch that has become one of his hallmarks. The majority of Bob's projects are in native Ontario hardwoods and century-old pine, but he's been known to deviate into other woods when their grain has a special appeal.

Matthew Ricetto
Matthew is a third generation carpenter living in Moonstone. Watching his father work instilled a passion for woodworking at a young age but Matthew has many talents both inside + outside of the workshop. As a general contractor he has experience building custom homes, landscaping + building furniture + wall units. When he has time he brings out the spray paint and has a unique style as a graffiti artist (we sold one of his rare pieces here in the shop!). Matthew enjoys milling lumber, especially local pieces found fallen on his property + creating custom furniture that really captures the unique beauty found in each piece of wood. You have to stop by the shop to check out his live edge wormy maple desk finished with a bow tie joint + legs highlighting the natural split in the tree when it was salvaged! Alongside his furniture, you'll also find fun, quality home goods such as coasters + cutting boards made in a variety of styles.

Courtney Thompson
Courtney grew up in Newfoundland and now lives in Orillia with her family. She is a passionate creator and enjoys exploring her creativity through a number of mediums including hand sewn items, hemp jewelry, hand painted wooden signs, acrylic paintings and of course her beautiful + customizable chair planters. Primarily drawing inspiration from nature and the change of seasons, Courtney is always looking for her next project. Stop by the shop to see some examples of her chair planters in person and take one home or request a custom style, colour + design. These dynamic pieces work wonderfully on a front porch or in a garden or can add greenery indoors. Each piece comes with a seasonal arrangement that can be removed anytime and replaced with the change of seasons or with your favourite flora. 

David Gianunnzio

Steph Whalen
Steph is a self taught artist living in Orillia with her family who dabbles in a little bit of everything. Working full time from her home studio she creates beautiful paintings inspired by nature + landscapes. Steph's work has a cheerful + whimsical presence as her inspiration fluctuates between reality and the surreal. She uses watercolours, acrylic, ink + various mixed media to create her artwork. You'll also find Steph creating beautiful pieces of jewelry in her Phthalo line using sustainable materials, such as naturally dyed acai berries. Steph is also busy participating in Orillia's growing arts community initiatives like Streets Alive and Somniatus so be sure to keep your eyes open for her work - a woman of many talents! 

Jessica Wisniewski
Jessica is the artist behind Flux Glass Co. Inspired by all of the natural beauty surrounding our region, Jessica creates timeless + stunning stained glass pieces. Her most popular design is the stand alone glass feather which looks beautiful hanging solo or in a flock. Each one is entirely unique as the variations in the glass are different each time. Her eye for colour combinations is also one of a kind so it's easy to mix + match among her collection. Recently, you'll also find stained glass arrows, tree clusters + mountain ranges sitting alongside her feathers here at the shop. 

Lana MacLeod
Lana has been creating handmade, all-natural beauty products for friends and family for years. She created her company, Jane Plain. Beauty, recently to share these incredible products with her community. Using her Honours BA in Geography and Business, Lana also received a post grad certificate in Green Business Management from Seneca and uses what she has learned to operate her business around a triple bottom line using the three pillars of sustainability; people, planet + profit. She believes that for our businesses to trhive we need our people and our planet to flourish with us. With this in mind Lana uses natural and sustainable products to create body butter, lip balms, body scrubs, vapour rubs, diaper creams, bug repellants and face masks (and much more!). Her products work and you can feel happy + confident about what you are putting on (and therefore, in) your body!

Brittni Monk
Brittni has been crafting since she was little. She learned to thread a sewing machine at the age of 8 and hasn't stopped since! Back in the day she would make pillows and blankets for her stuffed animals and has since evolved to handmade kimonos! After graduating from Fashion Marketing + Merchandising in Toronto she was looking for the perfect kimono but her search was unsuccessful so she brought out her trusty old machine and when friends started asking where they could find one of their own she began her Madame Babu line. Inspired by effortless bohemian style, comfortable fabrics, adventures and rock + roll, Madame Babu has a variety of patterns + styles that are divinely comfortable and beautiful!

Ashley + Matt Pendyk
Ashley + Matt are the talented husband and wife duo behind effie pots & co that was founded in the fall of 2015. Matt has a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University and is the ultimate handy man who isn’t afraid to tackle any new projects. Ashley is a self-taught artist who loves to experiment and work with new mediums. Their studio and residence is located in Midhurst, Ontario. Inspired by nature and the simplicity of Scandinavian design, their pots were created as a means to bring color into your home. At effie pots & co, their goal is to create unique and quality products that will brighten and bring joy to any space. Each and every one of their products is made by hand with love. Concrete pots is just the beginning. We cannot wait to see where this adventure will take them!

Bev Burton
Bev Burton is the maker behind Glass Elegance, an Oro Medonte resident that discovered her passion for glass art while travelling in California. She stumbled upon a co-op in Venice, California called Ten Women where she learned about fused glass jewelry + home decor. Six years ago Bev began taking stained glass classes at Huronia Glass Art in Barrie and has been hooked ever since. When an opportunity to learn the art of warm glass or fusing came up she jumped at the chance + has been experimenting with both techniques ever since. Each piece Bev creates inspires and challenges her for her next project, whether it's creating a stained glass panel or fusing her unique kiln fired jewellery.

Bev sells her beautiful fused glass pendant necklaces in the shop. These pieces can take several hours or days to complete. Working with dichroic glass is a favourite, because of the explosion of colours and patterns that are emitted from this layered glass upon firing. The process from  beginning to end is exciting and the results are magical when the light shines onto the glass and illuminates the colours and textures of each piece. The final step is to carefully drill the hole in the glass in order for the pendant to hang off of a beautiful sterling silver chain. 

Patti Agapi
Patti Agapi is an ever evolving Canadian mixed media Artist. She resides in Orillia, Ontario where she has been involved in the local arts community since 2007. She helps run a downtown artist collective and shows her work in various local venues. Working with paint and collage elements she creates deeply layered and textured mixed media abstract art and art jewelry. Patti is ever-evolving in her artistic journey, finding joy in the creative process. Between catering to two teenaged boys, she obsessively works on her art.

Mary is a long time Orillia resident that has been making beautiful unique handmade greeting cards for over 10 years! Her style is very elegant and no detail is overlooked. Using various scrapbooking + paper folding techniques alongside quality + varied materials leads to gorgeous creations that are sure to make your recipient feel special + loved. At the shop you'll find a selection of birthday, wedding, thank you + sympathy cards in a number of different styles! 

Danielle Juneau
Danielle is a creative individual currently residing in the Barrie area. She enjoys expressing her creativity through a variety of different means; sewing, painting, crocheting + many more. Currently, she finds herself hooked on fibre arts, enjoying crochet while also experimenting with dying + spinning her own fibres + yarn. She will be providing a variety of crochet items to the store + is always open to working with you on a custom order!
Jenna Green
Jenna is the creator behind the beautiful line of beeswax candles called Roseleaf Candle Co. Named after the beautiful wax rose that adorns each candle. Jenna is committed to creating a sustainable, clean + stunning product. One that will look beautiful on your coffee table, nightstand or bath tub ledge, or that will cheer up a friend, sister or mother as a thoughtful gift, or as a small token of your appreciation to wedding + shower guests. All Roseleaf Candle Co. candles are made with 100% natural, local beeswax + 100% organic coconut oil to ensure a sweet smelling, even burn. Even the ombre toned roses derive their colour from natural beetroot powder. Finished with a cotton wick + created in thrifted or found glass containers these candles are mother nature approved. Ask about custom orders for wedding favours!

Karen Bhatt
In early 2013, Karen became quite stressed out with her "regular" job + longed for something that would connect to her creatively, as well as being somewhat eco conscious. She found it in the form of crafting homemade skin care recipes. Not content with just being able to create soap, Karen launched into perfecting recipes for a long oft overlooked group: men. Many recipes were attempted + put to the test, a few were tweaked, and the result is a quality line of skin + beard care products called STANLEY MANLEY. All of her products are created in her home here in Orillia using natural ingredients. With nine AMAZING different scents in her beard balm and beard oil collection it's easy to find something for any men in your life. Karen is always creating + testing new products so stay tuned for more goodies such as her natural linen + room sprays as well as the new HURLEY GURLY line made for those of us in touch with our softer side.

Lindsay Quenneville
Lindsay is the maker behind Country Stencil + a well known face at local Farmer's Markets. Creating rustic home decor, Lindsay's most popular items are her wooden signs + world maps. From motivational to sweet to cheeky to manly to kiddo-approved + everything in between, you are sure to stumble upon a sign or two that speaks to you! Stop by often to see her ever-changing stock + ask about custom orders!

Bethany Scott
Bethany is the potter behind Rock Paper Poison. A line of every day ceramics that tugs at the heart strings of minimalists everywhere. Thoughtful designs that consider the permanence of each item created + it's impact on the environment. Releasing a different glaze every few months, a Rock Paper Poison collector will have a unique + varied, yet cohesive, collection to use in his or her day to day life. Check in often to grab your one of a kind piece!

Lori Harrington
Lori creates luxurious handcrafted soap from scratch under the name Meadowsweet Soap Works. Each batch is made from scratch, slowly, by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, hand cut, and then allowed to cure for 4 weeks before being wrapped up + deliver to the shop. Her scents are incredible + the soap is so gentle it can be used on face + body. Stop in to smell all of this season's fragrances, they make great little gifts!

Melinda Cheslock
Melinda is the maker behind Stamped Frosting. She repurposes vintage silverware by giving it new life with hand stamped notes or turning it's various anatomy into jewellery + bud vases. Stamped spoons, forks, spreaders + serving ware are made special + unique with a cute, cheeky, motivational, thoughtful or even bad ass quote. A wonderful gift idea! Ask about custom orders.

Samantha McIsaac
Samantha creates unique dreamcatchers using unexpected materials. These fun pieces will brighten up any room while keeping nightmares at bay! Samantha + her partner, Devon, also teach regular dreamcatcher making workshops here at the shop. They fill up quickly, so keep your eyes peeled for new listings!

Kristina Smith
Kristina is local photographer. In the shop you can find prints of her photos in the form of greeting cards. With a contemporary eye + a knack for editing she turns her already beautiful photos into fun, quirky + sweet cards. Check out her fun O-Town is my Hometown cards if you're looking for something with Orillia pride!

Ashley Burton
Ashley is the creative mind behind The Vintage Elephant. She has a knack for finding quality furniture that has been abandoned or neglected + needs a little love. With styles ranging from classic to mid century modern + everything in between, Ashley thoughtfully brings them back to their former glory in muted neutrals or bright colours, introducing new hardware or shining up the old. You'll find a few of her pieces on rotation in Harold + Ferne displays (but always available for sale) + she also takes custom orders on pieces you may already own.

Janice Craigie
Janice is the creator behind Atelier Hair Jewellery. A hair accessories line born from years in the beauty industry. Coming from a family of hairstylists, living in three countries + having studied Cultural History at the University of Cape Town, Janice draws inspiration from ancient treasures + the beautiful landscapes of the countries she has been lucky to call home. Primarily, you'll find stunning + delicate bridal hair pins, but she also creates casual + seasonal pieces to use in your every-day life. 

Kathy Alden
Kathy is the maker behind Bayshore Pottery. Now a retired French + Visual Arts teacher, Kathy has immersed herself into her passion. She began her journey with clay in 2008 + worked with a local pottery for 4 years before opening her own home studio in Bayshore Village during the summer months + in Florida during the winter. She loves exploring the use of unique glazes to create beautiful, handcrafted ovenware + dinnerware that can be enjoyed everyday. All porcelain + stoneware pieces are oven, microwave + dishwasher safe. 

Jennifer Gallerno
Jennifer is the eye behind Rustic Peace. Her beautiful photography is displayed on wood to give it a very rustic feel. Having perfected the art of photo transfers, her local nature photography looks right at home on raw wood + is the perfect addition to any gallery wall in the home or cottage.

Melissa Van Dam
Melissa is a master of all trades here at Harold + Ferne! You'll find her knit goods, essential oil diffusing jewelry + popular crochet, leather + sheepskin slippers in sizes for the whole family. Melissa is also a regular workshop host here at the shop, exploring essential oils + their uses in everyday life. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming workshops!

Chantal MacDonald
Chantal creates wire ornaments, decor + custom hangers. In the shop you'll find sweet + whimsical wooden hangers customized for your special day with Bride, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid, Mr, Mrs. Or ask about our custom orders + get kids' names! She is also introducing wall + door hangings as well as bookmarks into her collection!

Carly Fox
Carly dabbles in jewelry + knitting. Her jewelry is made of found items, repurposed from vintage jewelry or discovered on her travels! With a simple aesthetic, her necklaces + earrings will become a seamless part of your current collection. During the colder months you will also find knit scarves + headbands in classic shapes + colours!

Karlie Bennett
Karlie is a multi-talented maker. You can find jewelry made of vintage scarves + hand sewn decor pennants among her ever-changing + new pieces! 

Mike Bennett
Mike, better known as The Wordman of Alcatraz creates art with words. You'll find his fun, motivational, sobering + witty phrases on marble coasters, in pocket sized notebooks + stamped on paper in simple, repurposed frames. 

Holly Skogstav
Holly grew up on the west coast, hence the name West Coast Pure, but now lives in the tiny township of Coldwater. She is a humble leader in the business of bringing healthy alternatives to bath + beauty products. Always looking to learn about new processes + products her inventory is constantly evolving to provide you with more options + to rid your morning of all chemicals! Popular items include her clean burning, essential oil infused soy candles, bar soap, infused bath salts + natural hairspray! 

Tracy Kiraly
Tracy is a wizard with a sewing machine! She creates a adorable animal pillows for kiddos while also lending her services to sustainable alternatives to every day one-use items such as make up remover pads + "un-paper" towels. Keep an eye on our social media + in the shop for new items by Tracy! PS: she does repairs too - let us know if you have any mending or custom orders :) 

Samantha Dawaele
Samantha is the artist behind The Paper Forest, a print shop that creates whimsical hand-carved + hand-stamped greeting cards so beautiful you'll want to frame them! She's also introduced hand-stamped fabric zipper pouches + water colour, stamped prints. Beautiful handmade cards for every occasion!

Sarah Adams
Sarah is an art teacher that was looking for another way to express her creativity on the side. With a huge selection of cards for all occasions, these minimal greeting cards are of course, sweet in their simplicity. And check out her graphic art prints as well, a soft addition to your decor or gallery wall. 
Follow Sweet Simplicity Paper Co. here...

Rob Courvoisier
Rob uses locally found wood for his gorgeous creations. Using his hands to carve, cut, sand + polish, Rob finds the beauty in each piece with the intention of it being thoughtfully displayed in your home. From simple yet stunning "river rocks" + round wood sculptures to polished pillars that look brilliant on their own or topped with tealights, you'll be amazed that these came from found branches + tree trunks. Polished to perfection, these creations are a pleasure for your eyes + hands.

Lindsey Toutant
Lindsey is a forever maker with many talents. But currently, she is enjoying the creation of her adorable handmade dolls. These happy boys + girls are sure to become your little one's favourite sidekick. Composed of brilliant colours, cheerful embroidered expressions + quality craftsmanship, each doll comes ready to be loved + cherished. Through the shop you can also custom order "look-a-likes" of your kiddos, how cute!

Katie Fraser
Katie Fraser is a crocheter of all things adorable! Working in the public health sector, Katie recognized the importance of using crafting + creating to manage stress while caring for your mental health. And, wanting to create unique + thoughtful gifts for all of the baby showers she was attending, began crocheting cozy baby "bundles," adorable headbands, cute animal hats + tea cup/travel mug cozies. Super soft, stylish + functional, something all new mamas will appreciate!

Gillian Lowry
Gillian is a long time illustrator + artist who began transforming her whimsical designs into hand carved stamps. She uses these detailed stamps to create a fun line of blank greeting cards. Drawing from pop culture, nature + everyday life her cards are loving or simple or quirky. Either way, your bound to get a smile each time you deliver a Wonderfulicious card :) 

Karolynne + Jon
Karolynne + Jon are a creative husband + wife duo. Both use found objects to create an ever growing collection of items. At the shop you'll find Karolynne's repurposed tea cup candles + Jon's hand carved wood rings + rustic wooden ring boxes that can be personalized with wood burned dates or initials. Be sure to check into the shop to see what else they have on the go!

Nicole McQuaid
Nicole is the creator behind Mavourneen Creations, a gorgeous jewelry line full of rich colours + little details. Using found, vintage + handmade pieces, Nicole's beautiful jewelry is full of thoughtful details such as handmade beads, tassels created from vintage fabrics, braided rope + bent willow branches. Each piece is entirely unique so don't miss out!

Emilie Shipman-Wight
Emilie is a kindergarten teacher who has found peace in country living after many years of hectic city life. And this appreciation comes through in her whimsical fibre creations. At the shop you'll find her quilted forest flowers, fluffy wool flower pins (the perfect accessory to adorn your coat, hat or tote!) + wool birds made of up-cycled wool sweaters, each little guy is felted + stitched by hand for a wonderfully soft finish. Admired best in person so be sure to stop by!

Blair Poulin
Photography has always been a part of Blair's life, using all kinds of cameras, from analog cameras to the camera on her phone. Due to the increasing cost + decreasing availability of film + darkroom processing,  Blair found herself looking for a way to create photos in a more hands-on manner. Now, she takes her digital prints + creates drawings from them. Small prints of her drawings are available in limited runs + look beautiful framed. If you would like you own photo drawn let us know!

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